Paula Sharick


Paula Sharick is a former contributing editor and online columnist for Windows IT Pro.

A VSS Update, Problems with the Windows Time Service, an SBS 2003 POP3 Connector Patch, and More 4
Read about Windows 2003's cumulative VSS update, discover how to debug the Windows Time Service, and learn about an SBS 2003 POP3 connector patch.
A Terminal Services Print Fix, Two Win2K AD Bug Fixes, a Chkdsk Problem, and More 4
Learn about and discover the fixes for a Terminal Services print problem, two Win2K AD bugs, a Checkdsk problem and more.
Microsoft's New Security Update Procedure; Improved Office Update Inventory Tool
Learn the details of Microsoft's new security update procedures and discover the improvements in the latest version of the Office Update Inventory Tool.
Important Windows Server 2003 Bug Fixes 10
Learn about some recent bug fixes for DNS, FRS, VSS, and DC problems.
Tools for Your Security Arsenal 1
Use these tools to analyze your Win2K and later systems.
SBS Firewall Ports 8
SBS 2003 lets users on the internal network connect to Web-based resources over HTTP connections. Find out which ports you need to open to enable certain services.
First Look at SBS 2003 Security 16
See how well SBS 2003 meets the goals of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing initiative.
New Bug Fixes for Windows 2003 and XP Systems 9
Learn about the latest Windows 2003 and XP bugs and how to fix them.
Two Password-Related Bug Fixes; A Win2K Lsass Memory Leak; and Two Windows Server 2003 Bug Fixes
Find out the details about two password-related bug fixes, learn about a Win2K Lsass memory leak, learn how to fix a Windows Server 2003 streaming media problem, and more.
How Good Is the Windows Server 2003 Basic Firewall? 16
Paula Sharick evaluates the efficacy of Windows 2003's basic RRAS firewall.
RPC Security Round 2: Cleaning Up After the Latest RPC Vulnerability 2
Find out more about three new and potentially nasty vulnerabilities in how the RPC service processes malformed RPC requests.
Win2K SP4 Might Overwrite Local Security Policy Settings; A Terminal Services Shared File Bug Fix; and Citrix Logon Delays 2
Learn about a bug that can overwrite local system security policies, learn how a bug can cause problems with shared files, and learn why Citrix logons might experience delays on SP4 systems.
Printer Bug Fixes; an XP and Win2K Redirector Bug Fix; and a new Win2K SP4 Uninstallation Option 4
Learn about three new printing-related bug fixes, a redirector problem, and a new Win2K SP4 uninstallation option.
Latest Win2K Bug fixes 6
Read about an RPC-based memory leak, an Explorer file-delete bug, an NTFS startup fix, and more.
MSBlaster Fallout and MBSA Upgrade Supports Windows Server 2003 6
Learn about the consequences of last week's MSBlaster worm attack and read about the new MBSA upgrade.
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