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Apple Wins iPod/iTunes Antitrust Case 16
A federal jury in California has determined that Apple's efforts to undermine competitors to iTunes and the iPod a decade ago did not constitute antitrust violations and did not harm a class of consumers. The decision was reached after just four hours of deliberation.
In Email Warrant Case, Microsoft Finds Friends in High Places 4
Microsoft's efforts to prevent the US government from illegally seizing evidence held in its email servers in Ireland has garnered an incredible level of support from within the tech community and beyond. On Monday, the software giant announced that it has filed 10 legal briefs in the case which are signed by 28 leading technology and media companies, 35 leading computer scientists, and 23 trade associations and advocacy organizations.
Windows 10 Comes Into Focus 22
In late January, Microsoft will hold a special event for press and analysts at which it will unveil more information about Windows 10 and how it will work on all kinds of devices, not just traditional PCs. But we don't need to wait until next month to gain a clearer picture of Windows 10: Thanks to a number of leaks, we can already see some of the hidden features that will make this release a more cohesive whole.
In Rapid Rise, Xiaomi Not So Much Like Apple After All 3
Xiaomi became the world's third largest maker of smart phones this year and has often been accused of copying Apple's products, promotional videos, and media event presentations. But with the China firm poised for a massive international expansion in 2015, it's come to light that Xiaomi isn't like Apple at all in some key areas. Like some other up-and-coming Chinese electronics firms, Xiaomi is thriving on a diet of razor-thin margins.
Short Takes: December 12, 2014 17
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including the next milestone for Windows 10, Xbox One finally out-sells the PlayStation 4 but at what cost, Ford drops Microsoft from in-car tech, Microsoft supports Bitcoin for some online purchases, EU antitrust regulators move so slowly you need to speed up the film to see it, and Google News to shut down in Spain.
Windows 10 Slips to Fall 2015 31
Well, it's official: Windows 10, the long-awaited follow-up to the disastrous Windows 8, will ship to customers in "early fall 2015," a full three years after its predecessor. That's the traditional timeframe for Windows releases, and it suggests that for all the talk about "rapid release" in Redmond, the company isn't really able to rev its bigger product lines as quickly as many had hoped.
Sweden Raids, Takes Down The Pirate Bay 6
After offering freeloaders stolen copies of software, music, videos, pornography and other "warez" for over a decade, The Pirate Bay file sharing service has been raided and taken down by Swedish law enforcement officials. The takedown follows news last month that The Pirate Bay co-founder Gottfrid Svartholm was arrested on the Thailand/Laos border. He had been on the run since being convicted of copyright violations in 2009 and sentenced to 3.5 years in jail.
Apple's iPod Antitrust Case Loses Both Plaintiffs 1
We're just one week in and Apple's US antitrust case has been as long on drama as it will prove short on remedy. Judge Gonzales Rogers has listened to the testimony of senior Apple executives, and she has watched a video deposition of deceased tech titan Steve Jobs. But the biggest news in the case so far was more unexpected: Both of the case's plaintiffs have been dismissed because neither could prove they owned an iPod during the period of time covered by the case.
Microsoft Appeals Federal Order to Turn Over Data Held in Ireland 3
On Monday, Microsoft filed an appeal in its ongoing case challenging a federal warrant seeking customer data stored overseas in its Ireland-based datacenter. In the appeal, the software giant argues that email seizure should be held to the same standard the government has established for obtaining physical evidence outside the United States.
Hacker Group Takes Down Xbox Live, PSN 8
A hacker group called Lizard Squad has taken credit for shutting down Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network (PSN) separately over the past several days. And now the group says it will continue wreaking havoc throughout December, and will take down Xbox Live on Christmas day.
Short Takes: December 5, 2014 14
An often irreverent look at this week's other news, including Satya Nadell's big payday, the end of the WOOK dream, an interesting legal gambit from Apple in iPod case, more info about the Sony hack, Sprint's on-again off-again relationship with Windows Phone, Apple's new campus, and Samsung heads back to court in attempt to reduce that $930 million damages payout.
UK Offers Plan to Punish US Tech Giants that Avoid Paying Taxes 14
Facing an election in May, the UK's leading political party announced plans for a so-called "Google Tax" this week. The tax is aimed at US technology giants and other international firms that routinely avoid paying taxes in the UK by shifting profits to lower-tax countries, and will be used to make up for a shortfall in the government's deficit reduction plan.
North Korea May Have Hacked Sony 8
Already reeling from a major hack that saw its web site defaced and its internal networks breached, Sony received some more bad news: The source of the attack may have been the government of North Korea, which is incensed about a coming Sony movie that parodies its leader, Kim Jong Un.
Apple to Face Years-Old Antitrust Charges in Court 5
A trial beginning today in Oakland, California will pit Apple against an antitrust class action brought by individuals and businesses who claim the consumer electronics giant illegally prevented them from using non-Apple music on their iPods. The case is almost a decade old and dates back to the pre-iPhone era when Apple's industry influence came solely from iPods and iTunes. But the big pull here is that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011, will play a major role in the trial.
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