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Orin Thomas is an MVP, an MCT, a Microsoft Regional Director, and has a string of Microsoft MCSE and MCITP certifications. He has written more than 30 books for Microsoft Press on IT Pro topics including Windows Server, Windows Client, SQL Server, Exchange, and System Center. He is an author at PluralSight and is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro. He has been working in IT since the early 1990's and regularly speaks at conferences in Australia and around the world. Follow him on twitter.

Converged Infrastructure: Workload-Specific Systems Ease ‘Administrivia’
Getting What You Need Out of Converged Infrastructure
What You Need to Know About Containers and the Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud
Questions about recent tech previews? Orin Thomas has the answers you want about containers and the hybrid cloud.
Why Organizations Might Need a Hybrid Cloud
The reason many companies adopt a hybrid cloud is often one that isn’t the most obvious at first glance.
Server 2003 isn’t efficient to manage
Another bullet point on the endless list of reasons not to run Windows Server 2003 is that it’s less efficient to manage than newer versions of Windows Server
Sneaking off Server 2003: Derelict servers
In some organizations, computers were running Server 2003 not because it hosted a critical non-migratable workload, but because the server had been forgotten and was a data center derelict.
Sneaking off Server 2003: Indirect Migration
You’ve may have heard of shadow IT. It’s where users do an end-run around IT department policies and spin up their own servers in the cloud or use file sharing services to store organizational files. IT departments constrained by management foot dragging on Server 2003 migration can, to an extent, take matters into their own hands.
Recovering Server 2003 after a disaster
Running an OS in a production environment means that you need to be able to recover it when something goes catastrophically wrong.
Server 2003 Application Stagnation
Applications still running on Server 2003 are unlikely to get updates from developers.
Vendors won’t always support applications on Server 2003 1
It’s not just support for Server 2003 that finished a few months back. Vendors are unlikely to support applications running on OS unsupported by the vendor.
Hypervisor support for Server 2003 isn’t eternal
Just because you can run Server 2003 on current virtualization platforms doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it in the future.
Server 2003: Stuck on premises
Running Server 2003 in the cloud is an increasingly hit and miss proposition.
Why compliance is a big deal for some and irrelevant to others.
Many server administrators have the same enthusiasm for policy that a 9 year old has for the visit to the dentist.
Windows Server 2003 can be compliant, you just need a support agreement.
At a recent tech conference in New Zealand, I asked how many people were still running Windows Server 2003 in production. Between 30% and 40% of a room with a couple of hundred people in it put their hand up. When I asked how many had a support agreement with Microsoft for Server 2003, only two hands stayed up.
New build of Windows 10 supports nested virtualization.
You can now run Windows 10 inside Windows 10 inside Windows 10
When Windows Server 2003 is not compliant.
Most compliance regulations require organizations to be running supported versions of an operating system. If you are running Server 2003 without a support agreement from Microsoft, that means you are in breach of those regulations.
Security Sense: Are You Prepared for Your Private Things to be Made Public?
July 15, 2015

Probably those pictures of you, me, and Lars hooning about Sydney Harbor on the peddle boat dressed as the Village People.

Security Sense: Watching the Watchers: What We’re Learning from the Hacking Team Breach
July 7, 2015

Shane Harris. @War. I keep saying you should read it Troy! www.amazon.com/War-Rise-Military-Internet-Complex/dp/0544251792/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1436271460&sr=8-1...

Windows 10 Device Guard locks machines down for security and safety
April 22, 2015

Sounds like they rebadged AppLocker

A command line future: Part 1
March 16, 2015

Will definitely incorporate this into Part II ;-)

Windows Server 2003 EOL’s Y2K Problem
March 11, 2015

I did months of running around as well checking computers for possible faults, running tests, the whole bit.

But the perception was that Y2K was a fizzer.


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