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Orin Thomas is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and a Windows Security MVP. He has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books for Microsoft Press, and he writes the Hyperbole, Embellishment, and System Administration Blog.

Understanding System Center Orchestrator 2012 2
Leverage System Center Orchestrator 2012 to automate day-to-day systems administration tasks. Orchestrator provides a simplified way of building complex automation.
Product Review: Enterprise Random Password Manager
Centralize—and improve—the management of privileged account passwords with this comprehensive tool, but be ready for a bit of culture shock.
Review: Dell KACE K2000
The Dell KACE K2000 is a OS deployment appliance supports both Mac OS and Windows OS images.
Comparative Review: Application Restriction Products 3
If you want to use application whitelisting as part of your organizational security strategy, and you’re looking for a product that offers more than Software Restriction Policies (SRPs) or AppLocker, consider using one of these application restriction products.
Solve 4 Common Patch Management Problems 5
Use these tips to help find which updates have been deployed, prevent update traffic from saturating WAN links, prevent end-user interruptions, and establish a group of update testers.
Falsification as a Troubleshooting Methodology
Rather than trying to prove your theory about what has gone wrong correct when diagnosing a problem, try to prove your theory incorrect.
How to Efficiently Search and Manage Event Log Data
You can configure Windows to help you deal with event log data and find events before they prove harmful.
Security Steps: Use AppLocker Policies to Block Solitaire 1
It has been suggested that the Solitaire application causes tens if not hundreds of hours of productivity to be lost across organizations on an annual basis. In this screencast you will learn how to disable Solitaire using AppLocker Policies.
Security Steps: Delegate reset password on OU
Quick screencast showing how delegate reset password privilege on an OU
Security Steps: Restricted Groups Policies
Restricted groups policies allow you to control the membership of sensitive groups through Active Directory.
Security Steps:Use Syskey on Windows 7 to encrypt the SAM to stop someone resetting the local admin password on a netbook 1

Very few netbook computers support BitLocker, which means that they are vulnerable to utilities that allow you to boot from a USB device and reset the local administrator password. The way to ensure that this type of attack doesn’t work is to use SYSKEY to encrypt the SAM database.

WSUS, Server 2008 R2 and BranchCache
You can use BranchCache in branch offices rather than deploying another WSUS server for Windows 7 branch office clients.
Security Steps: How to block the installation of the Chrome Frame add-on for Internet Explorer
Google has released Chrome Frame to extend IE to support Google Wave. You can use group policy add-on management functionality if your organization wants to block this add-on.
Security Steps: Firing a Systems Administrator 3
You would be amazed how many organizations forget to disable a fired admin's user account.
In five years all browsers will block internet advertisements by default. 4
One of the biggest pro-Firefox arguments that you’ll read on the Internet involves blocking advertising using Adblock Plus. Eventually all browsers will include this feature by default.
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