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How can I convert a SQL date/time to just date? 36

A. The SQL date/time field stores a date and time but if you have a populated table and you want to convert a column so it lists data only run the following:

update <table>
where <column>=convert(datetime,convert(char(10),<column>,101))

For example

update faq
where created=convert(datetime,convert(char(10),created,101))

What issues are there with SQL 7's DTS function and Oracle.

A. The Microsoft ODBC and OLEDB drivers for Oracle support the Oracle 7.3 BLOB data types, not Oracle 8.0 data types (for example, BLOB, CLOB, NCLOB, and BFILE are not supported).

The Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle does not support sending Unicode strings into an Oracle server. Oracle requires prefixing Unicode strings with the letter N.

The Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle does not support negative scaling for the Oracle number data type.

Now that SQL 7.0 is released can I still buy SQL 6.5? 1

A. v6.5 is still available from Microsoft fulfillment. You need to buy 7.0 and associated licenses and then call the Microsoft Fulfillment office with the serial number(s)/details and they will ship you the 6.5 media.


v1.02 2000.02.01
Applies to SQL Server versions : 7.0
Related FAQ articles : n/a
Related Microsoft Kb articles : n/a
Other related information : n/a

I have a SQL Server process that shows as being in SPINLOOP. What does this mean?

A. The process concerned is accessing an area of memory that SQL Server needs to protect against multiple access - typically on SMP servers. To this end it locks that area of memory (via a spin lock) so that any other access to it gets paused. In concept it is very similar to row/page locking in a database, but is used for internal memory areas within a program. There is plenty of documentation in the Win32 SDK/MSDN about spin locks and their usage.

What is the Microsoft Loopback adapter and why do I need it for SQL Server? 21

A. SQL Server is dependent on network functionality - even for the set-up routines. Specifically it needs to use named-pipe/mailslot functionality on NT machines. These usually require a network card to be present. If you don't have a network card then go to control panel/networks, choose add adapter and then add the Microsoft loopback adapter - which is just a dummy driver, no hardware involved. This needs to have working network protocol(s) bound to it. Let whichever protocols you have use default parameters, EXCEPT for tcp-ip.

Why do I get an error "Msg 602, Level 21, State 3. Could not find row in Sysindexes for dbid 'x', object 'yyyyyyyy',index 'z'." when running a SQL Server query?

A. First of all it could be a corruption exactly like the message says. Run a dbcc checktable against sysindexes on the database concerned. Also a dbcc checkcatalog.

What are good SQL Server books? And other sources of reference. 1

A. SQL Books Online is a good source, as is Technet with 100's of techie articles/whitepapers on SQL as well as the Knowledgebase. The SQL 7.0 books-online can be downloaded at

An un-official "faq" is held at :- (download from library 7 (SQL Public))

Are SQL Server userid's and passwords passed in clear on the network?

A. If you use multi-protocol net-lib with encryption then SQL standard security userids/passwords are encrypted along with the data.

When using an NT userid/trusted connection then passwords are not passed at all - the sids are used as in all NT credential checks.

If you are using SQL 7.0 client drivers talking to a 7.0 server then the SQL standard security userid/password is encrypted regardless of net-lib.

In any other case then the SQL standard security userid/password is sent in clear.

How can I transfer DTS packages from one SQL 7 server to another? 2

A. Three choices :-

1. Use the DTS transfer wizard. Set msdb as the source and destination databases and "select * from sysdtspackages" on the source.

2. Save each DTS package as a file. Copy the .dts files created to the target machine. From EM, right click Data Transformation Packages and choose all tasks Open Package for each package.

3. Open them in the package designer - choose save as, and save them to the other server.

Option 1 is the quickest for lots of packages

I am getting a message GetOverLappedResult() from a SQL Server query.

A. Two things may be happening - either SQL Server is internally gpf'ing/AV'ing (same thing) - you should see messages to this effect in the SQL errorlog. Or there is a net-lib bug with overlapped/fragmented packets.

For either problem you can try applying the latest SP to the server. 

For net-lib bugs you will need to apply to the client as well. Also the version of ADO/ODBC can help cause the problem as well, so try upgrading. The latest versions of these drivers can be had via

What programming languages can I write an extended stored-procedure in? 2

A. The official Microsoft answer is that you can only write them in C. Certainly VB doesn't work.

Also Delphi 4 and 5 will work. Delphi Magazine had an article about this in Issue 31. There is a source code download for that issue available on their site -

How can I report a SQL Server bug to Microsoft?

A. There are several ways, but the >>ONLY<< way you can be sure of an engineer looking at it and providing you with a workaround/fix is to report it to Microsoft's PSS (Product Support Services) team. These are people who support all MS's products, write fixes, take the calls, sort out workarounds etc. They work 24x7x365. You can call them by phone (U.S. is 1-800-936-3500)

For details of your nearest PSS support centre and other info try :-

How much longer will Microsoft support SQL 6.5 for? 2

A. As a rule of thumb :-

Microsoft provide support for at least the current and previous version of a product (service-packs don't count). So with 6.5 and 7.0 out Microsoft will actively support 6.5 until the next version of SQL comes out - active means fixing the code and issuing servicepacks and hotfixes. The next version - SQL 2000 (Shiloh) - is due by the end of 1H 2000.

I am getting a message 'dbprocess dead or not enabled' running my query.

A. Other messages:

I am getting a message 'dbprocess dead' or 'language exec' from SQL Server.
I am seeing an 'Exception Access Violation' message in the SQL errorlog. 
I am getting *.DMP files in the <sql>\log directory. 
I am getting "symptom dump" messages.

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