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Mike Danseglio has worked in the IT field for more than 20 years and is a CISSP and MCT instructor. He's an author, public speaker, and instructor on topics including security, virtualization, cloud computing, networking, and IT lifecycle processes. Follow Mike on Twitter: mikedancissp.

Q: Should I use directional WiFi antennas?
Learn the two important reasons to use directional WiFi antennas.
Q: Can I hide my WiFi access point in the plenum?
Learn why it may not be a good idea to put new WiFi access points in the space between a suspended ceiling and the actual solid ceiling.
Q: Is the new Apple iPad safe to put on my wireless network?
There are two kinds of iPad 3: those with cellular data capability and those without. The security approaches that you should consider differ between the cellular-capable and WiFi-only models.
BitLocker to Go: USB Drive Data Protected
Data on a USB drive protected with BitLocker to Go is protected in a very cryptographically strong way. It is very unlikely someone can crack the key pretecting the data.
Wi-Fi Security: Windows 7 Laptops
Windows 7 has extensive wireless configuration options through Group Policy. Consider restricting the SSID list on laptops to authorized corporate networks.
Monitoring Employees' Windows-Based Computer Activities
Windows-based computers provide the ability to investigate employees' work-related activity. However, if you believe a law is being broken, contact law enforcement before you do any research or investigation.
Access Point Configuration Problems During Wireless Deployment
The access controller lets you centrally configure all AP configurations, as well as deploy firmware updates, etc.
How to Prevent Windows 7 Users From Reconfiguring Device Wireless Options
Windows 7 exposes extensive wireless configuration options through Group Policy. See the Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11) Policies section in the Security Settings container.
Wireless Network Privacy and Security
Even if you've deployed your wireless network properly, a dedicated hacker with the proper equipment can still listen.
Apple iPads On Corporate Wi-Fi
You don't want an unmanaged device on your corporate wireless network. Suggest a compromise that gives you a fully functioning iPad that's physically at work but isolated from the internal corporate network.
Wi-Fi: Tools To Detect Interference
Create an economical IT Wi-Fi Tool from surplus components and inexpensive off-the-shelf products instead of purchasing an expensive true radio frequency spectrum analyzer.
Safest Operating System for Wi-Fi
There is no truly secure mobile operating system (OS) today.
Wi-Fi Interference From Microwaves
Wi-Fi can operate with interference caused by microwave ovens and other devices, such as cordless phones.
4G Femtocell Placement On Buildings
Consider how the femtocell will connect to the service provider's network and whether you want users inside the building to connect to your internal Wi-Fi system.
Multi-Input Multi-Output Explained
MIMO means multiple antennas are transmitting and multiple antennas are receiving the wireless signals. MIMO works best when the signal between the Access Point and client are reflected off of the walls, furniture, and even your body.
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