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Michael P.

Michael P. Deignan is an associate technical editor for Windows IT Pro and president of Ideamation, a consulting firm based in Rhode Island.

Fax Servers Revisited 8
Looking for an enterprise-level fax server solution? We give you the goods on 11 software and 4 turnkey products to help you identify your options.
Testing Fax Server Products
A summary of the products' features.
InstallWatch 1.2 Professional
Keep track of system changes when installing new software.
PowerSync 4.5 Server 2
Check out this file and directory replication tool that can help you easily distribute files to your users, regardless of whether you're using one OS or working in a heterogeneous environment.
Emailflow for Exchange/SMTP
You can save a significant amount of time by automating your workload flow. GFI FAX & VOICE Emailflow for Exchange/SMTP is the tool you need to do it.
Network ServaNT 3.2
Learn how to manage your NT network more effectively.
InterAccess Terminal Server 2
InterAccess Terminal Server is an NT-based service that monitors your COM ports and lets users log on to your NT server and obtain shell access, similar to a direct serial connection to a UNIX host.
Profile Maker 2.7
Automated Profile Management's Profile Maker 2.7 is an administration tool you can use to automate profile creation and management in user-executed applications.
Acctrol for RAS
SpartaCom's Acctrol for RAS is an accounting and control system built on client/server technology for NT's RAS.
Compaq Batch Scheduler 2.0
Compaq Batch Scheduler 2.0 is an enterprise-level scheduling system that lets you develop and deploy batch jobs. An administrative GUI lets you schedule and modify jobs using drag-and-drop functionality and is a client/server application.
Synchronicity for NT
If your company's heterogeneous environment runs various OSs and application, you spend a lot of time creating and assigning passwords to new user accounts or modifying existing accounts. NetVision's Synchronicity for NT simplifies this task.
NTManage 2.0
Address network problems efficiently.
Simulate your environment for testing.
ImageCast IC3 2
Imaging and workstation management.
Pervasive.SQL 3
How does Pervasive.SQL stack up as a SQL-based database server?

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