Mark Russinovich


Mark Russinovich is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and chief software architect for Winternals Software. He is coauthor of Windows Internals, 3rd edition (Microsoft Press) and many popular Windows utilities, including Process Explorer, Filemon, and Regmon.

Inside Win2K NTFS, Part 2 3
Mark Russinovich explains the workings of NTFS5's Distributed Link Tracking, sparse file support, volume change tracking, encryption, and alternate data streams.
Exploring NTFS On-disk Structures
You can use the DiskEdit and NFI utilities to view NTFS on-disk structures.
Inside Win2K NTFS, Part 1 9
In this first article of a two-part series, Mark Russinovich explains the workings of NTFS 5.0's attribute indexing, consolidated security, reparse point, and quota tracking.
Inside Win32 Services, Part 2 10
Win2K improves on NT 4.0's service startup and shutdown procedures.
Inside Win32 Services, Part 1 19
Win32 services resemble UNIX daemon processes and often implement the server side of client/server applications.
Inside Storage Management, Part 2 6
Storage architecture in Win2K has changed dramatically from NT 4.0, supporting the creation of advanced volumes and dynamic growth of existing volumes without reboots.
Inside Storage Management, Part 1 4
Learn how Windows NT manages disks.
Inside Windows Management Interface 4
WMI implements Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) technology to offer an extensible data-collection and management facility that lets you manage local and remote systems composed of arbitrary components.
Inside Win2K Scalability Enhancements, Part 2
Win2K helps the kernel scale more effectively and helps applications use processing cycles more efficently than in NT 4.0.
Inside the Windows 2000 Kernel 12
Get to know Win2K's kernel, an enhanced version of the NT 4.0 kernel that also contains two new subsystems.
Inside Win2K Scalability Enhancements, Part 1
Microsoft has added new features and enhancements to Win2K that make this OS more scalable than NT.
Inside Win2K Reliability Enhancements, Part 3
Learn about two features that help eliminate device-driver errors.
Inside Win2K Reliablity Enhancements, Part 2 4
Learn two new features in Win 2K that identify buggy device drivers and help developers avoid common device driver programming errors.
Inside Win2K Reliablity Enhancements, Part 1 6
Discover powerful new system-recovery tools.
Inside Encrypting File System, Part 2 7
Learn how Win2K encrypts and decrypts files.
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