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Mark Minasi is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro, an MCSE, and the author of more than 30 books, including Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2 (Sybex). He writes and speaks around the world about Windows networking.

Searching and Managing Active Directory Groups with PowerShell
Use get-adgroupmember and its related cmdlets to retrieve sets of users based on group membership
Search-ADAccount, Top to Bottom
Beyond its quirks, Search-ADAccount is a terrific cmdlet for discovering troublesome accounts and cleaning up Active Directory.
Maybe Domain Membership Is Passé? 6
Wouldn't it be great if your Windows devices could be members of more than one domain, or even members of more than one forest?
A Tale of Two Cmdlets 2
After you understand the capabilities of both Get-ADUser and search-adaccount, you’ll see that the best solution might be to piggyback these two AD PowerShell cmdlets.
Domain Join and ARM Tablets: Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River 3
Maybe ARM will lead the way, and the future of enterprise Windows isn't a binary issue of whether a device is domain joined or not. Perhaps the answer isn't to raise the bridge, but instead to lower the river.
Windows 8: Maybe Microsoft Should Give Mango a Go? 4
Why isn't Microsoft offering a version of the Windows Phone OS on low-cost, low-power tablets?
Search-ADAccount and the Missing 15 Days
Search-adaccount can tell you which users' accounts are inactive. Get to know its syntax, as well as an interesting idiosyncrasy Mark calls "the missing 15 days of search-adaccount."
SOPA and PIPA: A Couple of Better Solutions 4
SOPA and PIPA are well-intentioned but still very bad ideas. Read on for a couple of alternative solutions that make a lot more sense.
Use Get-ADUser to Find Inactive AD Users 1
An AD attribute called Lastlogontimestamp helps you search for people who haven't logged on to a domain in a while—but it’s got some quirks.
Goodbye, Flash, We Hardly Knew Ye... 4
When Apple made it clear that the company had no intention of letting the Adobe Flash conspiracy pollute the iPhone/iPad universe, I figured that a popular outcry would eventually force Cupertino to recant. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Use Get-ADUser to Determine Who Has Never Logged On
It’s time to get serious with this useful PowerShell cmdlet. Here’s how to accomplish a rather tricky query. Can you feel your PowerShell skills improving?
Giving Microsoft Your Feedback About Windows 8 8
Microsoft has a new Windows OS on the way, and many long-time Windows users have some strong opinions about it. Now is the time to share your opinion of Windows 8 with Microsoft.
Digging Deeper into Get-ADUser
Now that you know some Get-ADUser basics, let’s dive further into the tool and see how to get the most out of PowerShell AD queries.
A First Take on Windows 8's Metro
Metro is fun, but Mark isn't very optimistic about how competitive Windows 8 can really be.
Go Remote with Windows Server 2008 R2’s AD Cmdlets
Learn how to use the OS's AD-related PowerShell cmdlets for remote administration.
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