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Mark Minasi is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro, an MCSE, and the author of more than 30 books, including Mastering Windows Server 2008 R2 (Sybex). He writes and speaks around the world about Windows networking.

Fine-Tuning Your Active Directory PowerShell Searches
How do you query AD for a group's members, but to return only the group members who also live in a particular OU?
Pipeline Problems and Get-ADUser
Learn the ins and outs of using the pipeline character with the Get-ADUser PowerShell cmdlet.
More Control of Active Directory Groups through PowerShell
Extend your get-adgroupmember capabilities, and learn how to use PowerShell's Help to find time-saving tips.
Microsoft, Please Don't Skewer Us on the SKUs
Mark wonders which of Windows Server 2012's cool new features will make it into the much more affordable Standard edition, and which will require Enterprise.
Give Android a Break, Will Ya? 8
The nearly nonstop firestorm of Android bashing seems unfounded and a little unwise.
Searching and Managing Active Directory Groups with PowerShell
Use get-adgroupmember and its related cmdlets to retrieve sets of users based on group membership
Search-ADAccount, Top to Bottom
Beyond its quirks, Search-ADAccount is a terrific cmdlet for discovering troublesome accounts and cleaning up Active Directory.
Maybe Domain Membership Is Passé? 6
Wouldn't it be great if your Windows devices could be members of more than one domain, or even members of more than one forest?
A Tale of Two Cmdlets 2
After you understand the capabilities of both Get-ADUser and search-adaccount, you’ll see that the best solution might be to piggyback these two AD PowerShell cmdlets.
Domain Join and ARM Tablets: Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River 3
Maybe ARM will lead the way, and the future of enterprise Windows isn't a binary issue of whether a device is domain joined or not. Perhaps the answer isn't to raise the bridge, but instead to lower the river.
Windows 8: Maybe Microsoft Should Give Mango a Go? 4
Why isn't Microsoft offering a version of the Windows Phone OS on low-cost, low-power tablets?
Search-ADAccount and the Missing 15 Days
Search-adaccount can tell you which users' accounts are inactive. Get to know its syntax, as well as an interesting idiosyncrasy Mark calls "the missing 15 days of search-adaccount."
SOPA and PIPA: A Couple of Better Solutions 4
SOPA and PIPA are well-intentioned but still very bad ideas. Read on for a couple of alternative solutions that make a lot more sense.
Use Get-ADUser to Find Inactive AD Users 1
An AD attribute called Lastlogontimestamp helps you search for people who haven't logged on to a domain in a while—but it’s got some quirks.
Goodbye, Flash, We Hardly Knew Ye... 4
When Apple made it clear that the company had no intention of letting the Adobe Flash conspiracy pollute the iPhone/iPad universe, I figured that a popular outcry would eventually force Cupertino to recant. But it doesn't look like that's going to happen.
Microsoft Fixes Bug That Dates Back to Windows 95
November 13, 2014

So THIS is how the Chinese have been hacking us for years. Now it's all clear. :-)

Automated Server Setup in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, Part 2
November 11, 2014

Hi Muraty -- to your questions:
1) Remember, the DC was kinda old and had some iffy items in the log. If the automatic FSMO transfer goes wrong in DCPROMO, then, well...

Automated PowerShell Reports Delivered to Your Inbox
March 1, 2014

Tony, you're right on the reference to the text file but I'm afraid you're mistaken on the rest -- I tested this before writing the column. You do indeed schedule powershell....

Managing Printers Gets Easier in Windows 8
August 29, 2013

Thanks, Keith, I actually tried that but didn't have any luck. I know about the dism command -- I've covered it in past columns -- and so did not mention it, as my goal was...

Bye-Bye Diskpart: PowerShell Is Moving In!
June 18, 2013

Hmmm... I must just be lucky, I seem to have gotten the fast and easily-deciphered version of PowerShell. Seriously... first of all, you'll probably soon find that you'll...

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