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Mark Joseph Edwards is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and writes the weekly email newsletter Security UPDATE (http://www.windowsitpro.com/email). He is a network engineer and the author of Internet Security with Windows NT (29th Street Press).

iPhone Recovery over USB
Jonathan Zdziarski's hour-long presentation regarding iPhone Forensics is now online at YouTube.
Google Posts Top 10 Malware Sites 1
Google released some statistics that reveal the top 10 malware sites in the world according to their site scanning research. You might want to blacklist all of them.
More Firefox Add-on Controversy And An Impending Fix? 2
Firefox users were up in arms over a Microsoft .NET extension that was silently installed without direct user approval. The extension was a bit tedious to remove for some people. Mozilla could move to at least alert users of such an installation.
StrongWebMail Weak On The Inside
Last week I mentioned StrongWebMail - a company that claimed they offer the strongest Web mail on the planet. That claim was proven false when a team of researchers bypassed security using an obvious inroad.
Microsoft Oversteps Common Sense Boundaries - Again 1
Why oh why would Microsoft forcefully install a .NET extension in Firefox without first asking for the user's permission?
StrongWebMail Weak On The Backside? 1
StrongWebMail claims to offer "the most secure email accounts on the planet." Their claim is based on a call back verification system. But as with all third-party online services there's a weak spot in the armor.
Infecting Firefox Add-ons With Malware
Firefox is easily extended via add-ons. And the way extensions work makes it relatively easy for bad guys to inject malware that would be difficult to detect and remove.
Firefox Extension Wars
I previously wrote about how simple it is to infect Firefox add-ons with malware. But, what if legitimate extension authors overstep boundaries? It has already happened.
French Intruder Infiltrates Twitter
Been tweeting lately? Ever wonder what Twitter tracks about your activity? An intruder claims to have broken in to the site's admin area where a number of screenshots were posted. Have a look.
8 Million Medical Patient Records Held Ransom
The state of Virginia found itself facing a ransom demand after an intruder alleged stole the private information of about 8 million people who are part of the state's prescription monitoring program.
How UCSB Researchers Hijacked A BotNet
A group of researchers reverse engineered bot software and discovered a weakness that let them take hijack the botnet .
Blackberry Gets Encryption
CellCrypt released a cool tool for all of you Blackberry users out there: end to end voice call encryption.
Seven Sandbox Tools For Malware Testing
If you've ever wondered what a particular piece of malware actually does when it enters a system, there are at least seven tools that can help you find out.
$100 Million Down the Drain 1
Ever wonder how much the US government spends on cleaning up after security incidents? Over $100 million in the past six months according to one report!
Finjan Discovers Big Botnet
Finjan discovered a botnet consisting of over 1.9 million Windows-based computers - some of which belong to government agencies.
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