Kathy Ivens


Kathy Ivens was a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro. She wrote more than 50 books and hundreds of magazine articles about various computer subjects.

Reader Challenge May 2011 2
A reader wrote to say he'd read a tip on a Microsoft web page about implementing location-aware printing in Windows 7. His desktop computer can log onto two separate networks; one network that is used exclusively for the accounting department, and another for general corporate work.
Reader Challenge April 2011
The problem: a Windows 7 user's screen had turned sideways.
Reader Challenge March 2011
"I tried to open a file in a shared folder and received the message 'Access Is Denied.' My IT department says the folder has been configured for full permissions for me and nobody can explain why I cannot open the file."
Reader Challenge February 2011
In Windows XP, the limit imposed for simultaneous access to a workstation sometimes forced businesses to spend extra money to install a Windows Server product on at least one client computer. Now that many small businesses are moving to Windows 7, the problem is going away for many small businesses.
Reader Challenge January 2011
Solve this month's UPDATE challenge, and you might win a prize!
Reader Challenge December 2010
What happened to the Run command in Windows 7? Solve this month's UPDATE challenge, and you might win a prize!
Reader Challenge: November 2010 1
Several IT administrators have written to ask me this question: "How can I restrict a domain administrator from creating users"? What's the answer to that question?
Reader Challenge October 2010
Can you come up with a short, easy-to-understand description of the phrase "false positive" as it's used in computing? If so, enter this month's UPDATE challenge, and you might win a prize.
Reader Challenge September 2010
If you press Ctrl+Alt+Del when in a Remote Desktop session, the resulting action is performed on the local computer, not the remote computer. Do you know why this happens?
Reader Challenge August 2010 2
How much do you know about the way Group Policy Objects (GPOs) work as they travel through the levels of your domain?
Reader Challenge July 2010
Are you command-line savvy? If you can answer these two questions, you probably are.
Reader Challenge June 2010
A batch file is used to copy the local Documents folder to two locations for backup purposes. A user adds a line to the batch file so that his Documents folder would also be copied to an 8GB flash drive, which results in an error message. What went wrong?
Reader Challenge May 2010
What two changes do you have to make to NIC settings to make sure a transition from NetWare to Windows is complete? If you can answer this question, you might win a prize.
Reader Challenge April 2010
Environment variables provide a quick and easy way to set up client computers. What's your level of expertise in environment variables?
The March 2010 Reader Challenge
Even in small business networks, users without rights to certain information (such as payroll) are managing to figure out passwords and break into computers that have sensitive information. Using strong passwords would solve many of these problems. Do you understand the concepts behind strong passwords?
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