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Karen Watterson is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro. She is a database and data warehouse design consultant and the editor of the SQL Server Professional newsletter.

Questions, Answers , and Tips About SQL Server 12
Learn about Microsoft-hosted SQL Server newsgroups, SQL Server 7.0 on a Terminal Server system, SQL Server 7.0's reserved keywords, undocumented error messages, and SQL Server 7.0's Y2K compliance.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Apr 1999 2
Learn about capturing Performance Monitor statistics, the fastest data import method, adding stored error logs, and finding SQL Server 7.0 online resources.
Beeline to the Repository Honey Pot 4
Repositories have yet to become popular, but several companies are vying for market position. See what the repository industry can do for you.
In Focas: SGL Server 7.0 Online Resources

If you're looking for good SQL Server 7.0 information online, Microsoft provides a list of technical articles about SQL Server 7.0 at http://msdn.microsoft.com/developer/sqlserver. The following list gives the articles' title and description, but we encourage you to download the articles' full text.

In Focus: The Many Versions of SQL Server 7.0 - 01 Mar 1999
Here's a brief marketing-free summary for readers who find the many versions of SQL Server 7.0 confusing.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Mar 1999 2
Learn about MCDBA certification, Unicode strings, ISQL/w query results, ODBC driver installation, DUMP TRAN commands, and the new Index Tuning Wizard.
In Focus: Guidelines for Working with ADO - 01 Feb 1999
A list of tips for working with ADO.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Feb 1999 4
Learn how to use the DATALENGTH function, install SQL Server SP4, prevent runaway queries, suppress time values, and delete data from a table with FOREIGN KEY constraints.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Jan 1999 4
Discover a way to speed ADO applications, the functionality of local named pipes, a query to find out which service pack SQL Server is running, and options for a SQL Server system search.
In Focus: Connection Pooling
What is Connection Pooling?
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Dec 1998 8
Install SQL Server on a domain controller at your own risk, shrink your tempdb database, and create your own benchmark.
In Focus: Linked Servers and Distributed Heterogeneous Queries
Linked servers are a new feature in SQL Server 7.0 that lets you do distributed heterogeneous queries.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Nov 1998 2
Learn more slick features coming in SQL Server 7.0, and find out about transforming applications into NT services, a security hole in xp_cmdshell, installing BOL manually, SQL Server and Y2K, and table names and sizes.
Implementing a Blocking Monitor
How to create a blocking monitor.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Oct 1998 2
Get a preview of SQL Server 7.0's hattest new features, and learn about finding lost administrator passwords, running SQL SErver on an AS/400, and solving problems with database restores, permissions coordination, and resource blocking.
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