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Karen Watterson is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro. She is a database and data warehouse design consultant and the editor of the SQL Server Professional newsletter.

Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 30 Mar 2000 4
Stabilize nullability, monitor tables to find script triggers, make SQL Server and Oracle data compatible, implement custom application-locking schemes, and create indexes that use functions or expressions.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 08 Mar 2000 6
Investigate how to install multiple instances of SQL Server, use the TOP statement with a local variable, use UDFs in SQL Server 2000, store extended properties, and more.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 09 Feb 2000 2
Learn about the paging file's importance, SQL Server 7.0 evaluation version's hazards, build numbers, DBCC DBREINDEX and fragmentation, mysterious indexes, permissions problems, and performance tuning.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 06 Jan 2000 3
Karen and Brian explore topics including DTS gotchas, the DTS ScriptPkg utility, FoxPro and SQlL server UDF support, and OLAP Services FoodMart data.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 10 Dec 1999 6
Simultaneously manage SQL Server 6.5 and SQL Server 7.0, determine whether you can pipe output from Query Analyzer into a text file, and discover how to remove decimal points from entries in a character column.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 15 Nov 1999 4
Karen and Brian discuss User DSNs vs. System DSNs, scripts that let you view temporary table structures, enhancements in OLAP Services 7.5, how to disable update triggers, and SQL Agent jobs.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 29 Oct 1999 2
Karen and Brian discuss Win2K's effect on SQL Server users, security account delegation, NULL problems, compressed volumes, and SQL Server 7.0's TRUNCATE TABLE statement.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 05 Oct 1999 10
Discover how to send large email messages via SQL Mail, read system sp code, and make Enterprise Edition use more memory, and learn about SQL Server 7.0's sysperfinfo table, SQL Server Site Index, the TOP operator, and SQL Server 6.5's sql.log.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 14 Sep 1999 6
Learn about single-table backup and restore, SQL Server 7.0 options to remove databases between servers, a REMOVE FILE error message, clustered index performance problems, and more.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 12 Aug 1999 5
Check out DTS Import Wizard upgrades, bcp version settings, the IDENTITY function, Query Analyzer and ANSI settings, and SQL Server version numbers.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Aug 1999
Learn about add-ins for OLAP Services, SQL Server 7.0 parallel bcp, the bcp QUERYOUT option, system stored procedures' output format, VBSQL and ADO, and SQL Server log truncation.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Jul 1999
This month, Karen and Brian discuss SQL Server Profiler, Oracle data type incompatibility, multiple indexes for the same table in one query, and database migration resources.
Oracle Announces New XML Components for Developers
Oracle has announced several new components that let developers read and write XML-formatted data to and from an Oracle database.
Questions, Answers, and Tips About SQL Server - 01 Jun 1999 4
Learn about visible system objects, SQL Server 7.0's improved date aritmetic, distributed heterogeneous gueries, difficult DTS connection names, and the autoshrink function.
Database Scanner 2.0
In December 1998, Internet Security Systems (ISS) announced its version of SQL Auditor based on technology it acquired from DBSecure. ISS renamed the product Database Scanner and shipped 2.0 in February.
John Savill's PowerShell Master Class

Join John Savill for 9 hours of comprehensive PowerShell training. This course will start from the ground up, walking through the basics of PowerShell, how to create basic scripts, and building toward creating custom modules to achieve amazing results in your environment, in non-Microsoft environments, and in Azure.

Invest a few hours each week and become the #1 PowerShell expert in your organization.

Sessions meet Thursdays, March 5th through March 19th

Topics covered will include:

  • Remote management with PowerShell
  • Connecting commands and mastering objects
  • Creating PowerShell scripts and best practices to aid in code reuse
  • Parsing data and working with objects
  • Desired State Configuration
  • Building PowerShell workflows using Orchestrator SMA and Azure Automation
  • PLUS new capabilities in PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0


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