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John Savill is a Windows technical specialist, an 11-time MVP, and an MCSE for Azure Infrastructure and Windows Server 2016. He's also Azure certified, ITIL certified and a CISSP. John is the author of the popular FAQ for Windows and a senior contributing editor to IT Pro, as well as the author of eight books including Mastering Azure Infrastructure Services (Wiley) and Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V (Wiley). John's blog is available at and can be followed on Twitter at NTFAQGuy.

Move from standard to premium when moving from unmanaged to managed
Can you switch tier types for managed disks when moving to managed disks?
Switching to managed disks for Availability Set
Switch an Availability Set to use managed disks.
Check if a key is software or HSM protected
Understand how to check if a key is software or hardware protected in Azure Key Vault using PowerShell.
Read a secret from Azure Key Vault using PowerShell
Read secrets from Azure Key Vault using PowerShell.
Separate ExpressRoute circuits when dedicated bandwidth required.
How to handle dedicated bandwidth with ExpressRoute
What permissions do extensions for Azure script extension run with?
Check the permissions the custom script extension runs at with an Azure VM
Software vs HSM protected keys in Azure Key Vault
Learn the difference between software and HSM protected keys with Azure Key Vault
What is Azure Key Vault
Understand what Azure Key Vault is and why you may use it.
Nano and infrastructure roles
What infrastructure roles are supported for Nano in RS3 and why the change?
What is Image2Docker
Create docker images from existing OS deployments.
Limit access to Azure SQL Database instance
Limit access to your Azure SQL Database instance.
Number of fault domains with managed disks
Understand fault domains when using managed disks.
Access to OS on Azure Stack
Can you access the underlying OS on Azure Stack? Why would you want to!
Encrypt unencrypted part of BitLocker disk 1
Learn how to encrypt the unencrypted part of a BitLocker protected drive.
Can OMS have different views for groups of servers
Can you create different views of servers in OMS?
Deploy Personal Session Desktop collection in Windows Server 2016
August 14, 2017

Great feedback however realize this solution is something different. This is a pooled approach and something I've referenced in other FAQs. Here you are creating a pool of...

When does a CBB lose servicing
April 25, 2017

No. Remember the TWO most current branches are supported which means once 1703 is CBB then it and the previous (1607) are supported but the previous to that goes into grace...

When to use ReFS in Windows Server 2016
March 28, 2017

Remember the other article was CSV specific. For CSV stick with NTFS because of the redirected mode ReFS forces. For NON CSV you COULD use ReFS based on the possible benefits...

Why is scaling out preferred over scaling up?
November 23, 2016

Martin - Agree. That is why I said generally. If you look at most modern operating systems they charge by core rather than OS instance and most clouds charge the same way. For...

Understand virtual network peering in Azure
August 29, 2016

good catch, fixed Tim :-)

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