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Jeff Fellinge is a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and the vice president of information security at aQuantive. He is a CISSP and is the author of IT Administrator's Top 10 Introductory Scripts for Windows (Charles River Media).

Protecting Your Network
In this advisor, you will get a straightforward description of networking to establish a groundwork for a discussion of network ports.
Little Snitch
A host-based outbound firewall for a Mac? You'd be surprised what data leaks Little Snitch can reveal.
Mozilla Firefox 1
If your users absolutely must have Mozilla Firefox for web browsing, consider this proactive approach for preventing security risks from potentially bad Firefox add-ons.
SecureZIP - 08 Oct 2008

The .zip file format is arguably the de facto standard for compression utilities used for the personal computer.  Phil Katz created the PKZIP utilities in 1989 and his company, PKWARE, continues to provide these ubiquitous tools, adding support for Windows, encryption, and larger files and volumes.

SecureZIP - 08 Oct 2008 1
For a compression utitility, PKWARE's SecureZIP has a lot to offer, including support for larger files, a robust digital-certificate–based encryption scheme, and integration with Microsoft Office.
Create quick backup or sync jobs between your workstation and a file server with SyncToy—a Microsoft PowerToy that synchronizes data fast and with more customizable options than Robocopy.
Full-featured firewalls cost too much for small businesses and branch offices, but you can get the same security with pfSense, a stateful open-source firewall and router.
ACL on UNIX - 13 Aug 2008

Executive Summary:

ACL on UNIX - 24 Jul 2008
For granting fine-grained access rights to files, you might want to check out this package of tools and file systems, ACL, which helps sys admins assign permissions to users and groups on Linux and UNIX systems.
Pinpoint MetaViewer
Metadata in users' files can cause security problems. Use MetaViewer to reveal the included OLE metadata in Office 2003 and earlier documents, so you’ll know what metadata to secure, change, or scrub.
Safety Scanner
Microsoft's free service, Safety Scanner, part of the Windows Live OneCare product group, can scan, defrag, and clean files.
Create a Live CD that Runs in Persistent Mode on a Bootable USB Drive 1
Learn how to create a bootable, persistent configuration of Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Edition on a portable USB flash drive, making a toolkit that lets you customize your environment or install your own custom applications.
Create a Live CD on a Bootable USB Flash Drive 1
Create a USB 2.0 flash drive that boots a Live CD distro—it’s portable, fast, and easy to use.
TrueCrypt encrypts a container you create on your flash drive, CD-ROM, or hard drive—and it lets you encrypt a hidden volume within another volume to thwart attackers.
Flying Buttress
If you use a Mac or are responsible for the security of Macs within your organization, you need to check out Flying Buttress—a tool that allows granular configuration of Apple’s built-in firewall, ipfirewall.
John Savill's PowerShell Master Class

Join John Savill for the ALL NEW PowerShell Master Class!

In this master-level training course, you get 9 hours of technical training that will make you a PowerShell Master!

Thursdays, February 11th through 25th

By the end of the course, you will understanding how to create custom modules to achieve amazing results in your environment, in non-Microsoft environments and in Azure.

Topics covered will include:

* PowerShell Fundamentals
* Remote Management
* Connecting Commands and Mastering Objects
* Scripting and Custom Modules
* State Configuration
* PowerShell Workflows, Orchestrator SMA, and Azure Automation
* And much more!


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