James Turner


Jim Turner is a domain administrator and applications developer for Computer Sciences Corporation.

Document Your Domain Groups 13
Jim Turner goes beyond the typical group-listing script, providing an admin script that produces a thorough single-domain listing of all your Active Directory (AD) groups in a nicely formatted, easy-to-read layout.
Cyber Threat Scanner
Your system has been infected or you need to scan your system to meet security requirements. The Cyber Threat Scanner, a utility that can scan your computer systems at a moment's notice, is just what you need.
Time to Round Up Those Scripts
If you have scripts scattered all over the place on your computer, try ScriptRoundUp.vbs. It locates scripts meeting your criteria, then copies them to a central location so you can back them up and easily find them in the future.
A Refreshing Look at CPU Loads 2
Here's a script that you can use to quickly check your servers' CPU loads.
HTA Automatically Creates Mappings
After discovering a script that determines and maps the next available drive to a network share, a reader incorporated the script into an HTML Application. With this HTA, you can create persistent or nonpersistent mappings and use alternative credentials.
Active Directory Growth Tracker: A Script to Count Objects 2
Learn how to use this script to track Active Directory objects so you stay current on your AD numbers.
Scripting on a Cluster
Running scripts reliably on a cluster can be challenging. Here's a solution that's not only effective but also easy to implement.
Utility Can Help Reduce UAC Headaches When Working with Scripts 2
If User Account Control (UAC) is giving you a hard time when you're writing or running scripts on Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, try the Elevate Script HTA. With just a few clicks, you can run .vbs and .js scripts under administrative privileges.
Divide and Conquer Mega-Sized Text and Log Files 3
When a text or log file is so massive that it's hard to work with, use the Log Splitter utility to split that file into several smaller, more manageable files.
Scripting Utilities to Keep Tabs on Your Printers 2
Tracking changes to printer configurations in a large organization can be very difficult. These two scripts can save you troubleshooting effort by recording changes and letting you compare data from different dates.
Track Active Directory Changes 8
Auditing changes to Active Directory groups can be a nightmare unless you have third-party software—or this useful script.
Happy Holiday HTA 1
Send an HTA greeting card that features a holiday tree with blinking multicolored lights and a "Happy Holidays" greeting. You can easily personalize the greeting.
Vista's UAC Can Cause Problems When Writing and Running Scripts 1
Windows Vista's User Account Control (UAC) can cause problems and annoyances when developing and testing VBScript scripts that require administrator access. Here's how you can avoid those problems and annoyances without disabling UAC.
Are Recycle Bins Wasting a Lot of Space on Your Windows Servers?
Here's a VBScript script you can use to monitor how much disk space is being consumed by the Recycle Bins stored in a server's Recycler folder and how much space is available on that server's local hard drives.
Build Directory Tree Structure Reports 2
Documenting your directory structure provides insight about how your applications and server drives are built and where key components reside.
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