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Dino Esposito is CTO of e-tennis.net, specialists in web and mobile solutions for professional sports. He is also author of Programming Microsoft ASP.NET MVC3 (Microsoft Press) and is a trainer and consultant specializing in web, social, and mobile integrated architecture and effective code design principles and practices. Dino blogs at http://weblogs.asp.net/despos. Follow Dino on Twitter: @despos.

Architecting Web Solutions for the Enterprise 

Total Running Time: 196 minutes

This isn't going to be a class that shows off technical features with some toy demos. Instead, this class aims to provide a deep understanding of the options and technologies you presently have for architecting web solutions.

ASP.NET MVC for the Real Programmer 

A new version of ASP.NET MVC is realized approximately every year and brings new features to the table. However, to maximize the return on your investment in learning ASP.NET MVC you need to make sure you use existing features and capabilities effectively.

ASP.NET MVC (model view controller) and Custom HTTP Handlers
Industry expert Dino Esposito walks through the essentials of ASP.NET MVC and how it offers an alternate programming model compared to Web Forms but shares the same runtime environment. Additionally, this guide covers how ASP.NET MVC contrasts classic Web Forms requests with HTTP handlers and discusses some of the intricacies you might face when hosting custom HTTP handlers in an ASP.NET MVC application.
Access Disk Quota Information Programmatically
Learn how to manage disk quotas and use scripts to report on users' disk usage.
Creating Word Documents Programmatically 2
Use scripts to automate the creation of template-based Word documents. Dino Esposito explains the process, using automatic invoice creation as an example.
Automatic VBScript-to-WSF Translation 3
Intimidated by the powerful WSF format? Here are some quick and effective script samples to introduce you to the format, as well as a handy tool for automatically translating existing VBScript and JScript code into a .wsf file.
VBScripting Solutions: Capture a Script’s Output 2
Learn about capturing a script’s output to help with repetitive administrative tasks, and get a glimpse of some new techniques that WSH 5.6 offers.
VBScripting Solutions: Take Advantage of Named Arguments
The introduction of named arguments is a quantum leap for WSH 5.6. Here’s how to use them.
VBScripting Solutions: Customizing Folder Icons and Descriptions
Quickly locating folders you often use can be difficult if you have a long directory listing. To make certain folders easier to find, you can customize their icons and descriptions by creating or adapting a system desktop.ini file.
VBScripting Solutions: What's New with WSH 5.6
Before you begin experimenting with WSH 5.6’s new object model, you’ll benefit from an overview of the environment’s new features.
Rem: Clearing the Windows Desktop
You can use the Shell.Application object’s MinimizeAll method to minimize all currently opened windows on your desktop.
VBScripting Solutions: Extending WSH with the Functionality in Wshextra.dll 8
Discover three new COM objects that improve WSH’s basic functionality: the Clipboard object, the FileQuery object, and the FileChooser object.
VBScripting Solutions: An Improved GUI Component for Data Entry 4
Learn how to extend WSH functionality through COM automation components.
Binding ASP.NET Controls to Data 13
Data binding is crucial in Web applications, and ASP.NET's data-binding capability far surpasses ASP's.
VBScripting Solutions: Emulating Windows Synchronization Objects 2
Learn how to synchronize Win32 tasks in a WSH-VBScript environment.
Microsoft Stack Master Class

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