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David Chernicoff is a technology consultant with a focus on the mid-market space, a Windows IT Pro senior contributing editor, founding technical director for PC Week Labs (now eWeek), former lab director for Windows NT/Windows 2000 Magazine (now Windows IT Pro), and former chief technology officer for a network management tools ISV. David has been writing computer-related feature articles and product reviews for more than 20 years and is coauthor of several books about the Windows OS, including Windows NT Workstation: Professional Reference (New Riders Publishing) and Microsoft Windows XP Power Toolkit (Microsoft Press), as well as over a dozen eBooks on topics ranging from network switching topologies to production fax technology. These days he splits his time between writing, problem solving for his varied clientele, and consulting on keeping a few small data centers up and running.

Why I Use a Gaming Computer and Other Vista-Related Reflections 1
Recently, I’ve gotten a bunch of reader email messages asking about my choice of hardware and software for the desktop, including why I run Vista and why my work computer is a gaming machine.
Screen Resolution in Desktops VS Laptops 2
Users don't always understand that a big monitor doesn't mean lots of screen real estate. Here's a quick explanation about screen resolution and a tip for a low-cost solution.
How Do I Do XYZ in Windows Vista?
Stumped for answers about Vista? If you've already tried the Windows IT Pro Forums, here's another resource that could help.
The Essential Guide to Windows Server 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition
Designed for the enterprise-computing environment, Windows Server 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition delivers on the enterprise class reliability, scalability, and large-scale virtualization needs of the Windows Server user. Datacenter Edition is the most powerful and flexible version of Windows Server.
Choosing the Right System 2
I see little reason these days to buy hardware on the edge of obsolescence, because so many choices exist that are better. But I had to make a rather unconventional choice in the case of my own firm's system.
Vista and XP Users Find Mixed Blessings in 2008 1
Both Windows Vista and Windows XP have major service packs at the release candidate (RC) stage. As always, I hear from people who want to run out and install these service pack RCs. My advice?
A Problem With Installing 64-bit Vista 2
I started to install Windows Vista x64 and that’s where the fun began, involving blue screens and unfamiliar BSOD errors with no text, no memory dump, and just three hexadecimal numbers.
I/O Virtualization for Blade Servers

Density is the name of the game in data centers, letting IT administrators put more of everything in smaller, more efficient spaces. The ultimate in server density is blade servers utilizing SAN storage, which lets IT grow servers and storage without requiring a major increase in physical space. Rack-mounted blade server chassis can provide many powerful servers in a small physical space, to simplify physical management and to economize on power and resources.

Data Protection for Windows Server Workloads 1

With the release of System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007, Microsoft takes a big step forward in delivering an end-to-end data protection system optimized for Windows Server workloads. A significant upgrade from the previous generation of DPM, the new version delivers continuous data protection (CDP), data deduplication, and lossless backup for users of SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Virtual Server 2005 R2, and Windows File Services.

Vista Feature Eases Backup Pain 2
Before Vista's backup features existed, more than one IT staffer wasted hours moving data to a new drive and making sure that a bootable OS was available. Now Vista's Complete PC Backup can ease the pain.
Dedupe Technology Boosts Backup Speed, Storage Capacity - 11 Oct 2007

One of the biggest problems that storage administrators deal with is the amount of storage and backup space taken up by duplicate files. A 1MB document with wide enterprise distribution in a large corporate environment can easily require hundreds of megabytes of storage as individual users make their own copies of documents, which then end up on local computers or network shares that are backed up.

Do Your Homework Before You Deploy Vista SP1 2
Vista SP1 is going to be a big deal. If you're supporting users on this OS, don’t let it take you by surprise.
Network File Virtualization for Existing Storage Devices
Attune Systems' Maestro File Manager FM6100 aggregates storage into a virtual namespace and allows data to be organized on the file level.
Hosted Applications? Know Your Provider! 4
When evaluating a hosted application provider, you should ask some important questions. Learn from one IT consultant's near-disastrous experience with a private label Exchange service.
IBM’s SMB Storage Solution
IBM should consider the DS3300 a long-term solution to SMB customers’ storage needs rather than just an intermediate solution.

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