Curt Aubley


Curt Aubley is chief technology officer for OAO and an MCSE. He is the author of Tuning and Sizing Windows 2000 for Maximum Performance (Prentice Hall).

Commercial Tools for System and Network Management

Why consider a commercial tool set when you can make one? After all, you can often create small management tools to meet specialized needs that commercial products might not address. In-house tools’ might also be more cost-effective than commercial packages. However, commercial tools for system and network management can provide numerous desirable features (e.g., graphical network maps, scalability to manage hundreds or thousands of servers or networks, automated long-term collection of performance information, OS health and event log monitoring, alert generation).

Monitoring Modules and Windows 2000 Network Load Balancing Service

The Microsoft Win2K Network Load Balancing (NLB) service permits multiple servers in a cluster to act as one virtual server. When a request comes to the virtual NIC’s IP address, NLB determines which server is the least busy and sends the request to that server. (For more information about NLB, see Tao Zhou, "Microsoft’s Load-Balancing Services," April 2000.) When you monitor systems with NLB, remember that the Web request physically goes to only one server.

Monitoring Win2K Web Site Performance and Availability
Want to know whether your Web sites are meeting expectations? Track performance and availability from a customer's perspective.
Activating All Performance Counters
By default, Windows 2000 (Win2K) doesn't activate all performance counters. Learn how to activate two of the core performance counters.
Windows 2000 Performance Tools 9
Explore Win2K's enhanced performance tools and walk through some examples that show you how to capitalize on these new features.
Third-Party Monitoring Tools 2
Find out how third-party monitoring tools can help you step beyond Windows 2000 (Win2K) System Performance Monitor's shortcomings.
Tuning NT Server Disk Subsystems 8
Keeping your disk subsystem in shape can improve your overall NT performance. Learn how to group similar disk activities, apply the appropriate allocation unit size, and load balance your disk subsystem.
What to Look for When Selecting a Scalable RAID Array
There are several things to consider when looking for a robust and scalable RAID array solution to store your important enterprise data.
Troubleshooting Windows NT Performance 2
Answers to three questions concerning Performance Monitor that will help you use counters, solve memory starvation problems, and optimize CPU usage.
Sizing Your NT RAID Array
Know how to troubleshoot bottlenecks in your disk subsystem, and you can properly size a RAID array to give you breathing room for future workloads.
The Beginner's Guide to Optimizing Windows NT Server - 01 Aug 1997
Improve NT Server's network I/O, disk I/O, and CPU utilization.
The Beginner's Guide to Optimizing Windows NT Server - 01 Jun 1997
Every new systems admininstrator can make the most of NT Server's memory.
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