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Christan Humphries is a former contributor to Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Pro, and associated websites.

Flip Your Script

There’s nothing I like better than a “flipped script.” I’m good—actually great—at figuring out what is going to happen. I can read the clues in social situations, usually figure out what our organization’s corporate office will do next, and even deduce the ending of most any movie. So when someone comes along and surprises me, I have all that much more respect for them. And in a tough job market where you have to show that not only can you do the tasks you’re hired for but also anything else the company throws at you, it helps to have some skill surprises up your sleeve.

Look Out, Outlook: Spring Cleaning 1

Taking it literally, you’d think that an email retention policy would have something to do with actually retaining some emails. But when my company enforced its new guidelines, it involved a whole lot more deleting than keeping. My bold resistance soon met defeat, followed by pouting and eventually resulting in understanding.

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Make Social Networking Work for You

I’m usually the last person to jump on a bandwagon, for fear of falling off. So I wasn’t the first to sign up
for social networking. I thought that it would be a virtual hang out for high schoolers—or for those stuck
in the high school frame of mind. But now I realize that social networking can be a great source for
staying competitive in your field, a hotline for quick tips and instant solutions, and a harbor of contacts.
Now you can do all of that with help from the Windows IT Pro network you trust.

Get More Than What You Pay For

With the economic climate as cold as the US has experience recently, we're trying to squeeze all we can
out of the money we work so hard to earn—or, for some, work pretty hard to earn. There’s no such thing
as a free lunch, but with these resources from Windows IT Pro, you can still feed your mind at no cost.

Stay off the Security Snafus List

In his January 2009 web-exclusive article, “Top Ten Infosec ‘Oops!’ of 2008”, Tony Howlett lists the biggest screw-ups of last year. While I mocked accordingly the Spores amoeba’s evolution dissolution and the Zune’s Christmas-time crash, I couldn’t find fun in the folly of 11,348,196 compromised private records—in 687 separate incidents.

Green Means Go

When it comes to being green, I can proudly say that my environmental consciousness is well pruned. I recycle everything that I can’t reuse, bring my own shopping bags to the store for locally grown produce, suffer through teenagers’ loud conversations about terrible music on my bus ride to work, and give an adequate amount of thought toward (maybe) starting my own compost pile. I find it quite easy to be green in my personal life, despite Kermit’s thoughts on the matter.

Savvy’s Top 8 Resources of 2008

As I breathe in the fresh air of 2009, I relish the opportunity to forget all my 2008 wrongs and look forward (overconfidently) to a new year of promises kept and resolutions met. Given that my 2008 was plagued by way too many bad-mannered vote-offs in negatively focused reality TV shows, I’d like to start my year positively with my 8 favorite resources from last year.

Cloud Computing: Future or Farce? 7

I never believed in Santa Claus. This revelation shocks most everyone who hears it. I have to look into the concerned, slightly teary eyes of the person I'm talking with and confirm that I never made cookies for an old, fictitious man in anticipation of his breaking and entering to give me material goods for doing exactly what I was supposed to do anyway: behave. But I turned out just fine—albeit a little cynical.

Virtualization Nation 2
In one of the year's greatest battles, a relative newcomer hopes to bring about change while an industry veteran seeks to maintain its dominance. Who will emerge victorious?
Sticking with SQL Server 2005 or 2000

These days, change seems to be everywhere but in my pocket. In this year’s US presidential campaign, I heard a lot about change. And now, I can’t escape the ever-increasing talk about upgrading to SQL Server 2008. So I’ve drawn a line in the sand: Just because something’s new, you don't have to leap to adopt it. You need to carefully compare SQL Server 2008 to the version that you're running now, whether it's SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2000.

You've Sat; You've Stayed. Now Seek!

For her birthday, I gave my sister a card embossed with golden print that reads "The economy stinks. Be happy you got this card." Endearing sentiments aside, my gift choice tells you two things: first, America's economy is so bad that even greeting cards are getting grumpy; second, my so-called sense of humor might cost me the affection of a family member.

October 2008: Get Online and Get More Content!

Even though we can't fit it all into print, you can still get it all by registering online! We post new, free content every week at for registered members. Just log on to access these free bonus articles!

A New Era of Information Delivery

When I first started working for Windows IT Pro, I had never heard of “e-newsletters”—or “UPDATEs” as we refer to them. It didn’t take me long to put the “e” and the “newsletter” parts together. Putting the e-newsletter content together, however, was a whole different story. Back then, our company had a sideways excuse for a tool that was more for launching than creating e-newsletters and didn’t even really send out the final project all that well. I dreaded the day every month when I had to build a new issue.

Relieve Your SharePoint Pressure Points
Feeling the stress of user demands concerning SharePoint? Here are two eLearning workshops that have the answers.
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