Christa Anderson


Christa Anderson is a senior contributing editor for Windows IT Pro and a Terminal Services MVP. Her most recent book is Windows Terminal Services (Sybex).

Building an Effective Reporting System
This eBook will help you understand the various kinds of performance monitoring and reporting and show you examples of how and when to implement them. Each odd chapter explains the theory; each even chapter illustrates theory with practical examples, using NetIQ tools as the basis of these examples.
Scrutinizing Scriptomatic
Scriptomatic is billed as a utility that writes scripts for you. Learn whether it lives up to this claim.
Assigning Disk Quotas by Group Membership 20
Use this handy script to assign disk quotas for your users.
Reclaim Unused TSCALs
This sidebar explains how a post–Service Pack 2 (SP2) hotfix resolves one problem with Terminal Services licensing for Windows 2000 Server users.
Take Control of Your TSCALs!
Get a handle on TSCALs by restricting how Terminal Services hands out licenses and which computers it gives them to.
Manage User Accounts 1
User accounts that remain active after an employee leaves are a security risk. Use scripts to easily enable and disable user accounts and set passwords for accounts.
Creating and Populating Local Groups on Remote Computers 1
Creating local groups from the GUI is clumsy, time-consuming, and prone to typographical errors. Here’s a script that eliminates these hassles by automating the group creation process.
Check Service Status on Local or Remote Servers 4
Configure GetServiceStatus.vbs to check service status on the local server, a remote server, a group of remote servers, or all servers in the domain.
Is SBS 2003 Right for You? 55
Learn about the key features, design, and upgrade possibilities of SBS 2003—a Windows 2003 domain in a box.
Check for and Create User Accounts Programmatically 2
Writing a script that checks for and creates user accounts might seem daunting. Here's an approach to make the task straightforward.
"Just-in-Time" Compiling and .NET
Christa Anderson explains how "just in time" (JIT) compiling makes code execute more easily on various platforms.
More About How to Assign Network Resources 1
Finding common elements lets you assign network resources to more than one user or computer at a time.
Windows and UNIX on the Desktop
Present Windows and UNIX applications from one UI.
Real-Life .NET: Adding Support for the .NET Framework 1
Christa Anderson discusses the client side of the .NET Framework.
Real-Life .NET: Setting Up UDDI on a Windows 2003 Computer 6
Christa Anderson discusses Enterprise Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI) Services, which comes with Windows Server 2003, and the decisions you need to make when setting up the service.
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