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Caroline Marwitz writes at the intersection of technology, design, and psychology, riffing on her years as editor and web content manager for SharePoint Pro Magazine and editor at Windows IT Pro Magazine. Her credits include a book, Naming the Winds: A High Plains Apprenticeship (High Plains Press via Amazon), short stories, a beer blog, a design blog, and a novel seeking reprsentation. She can also be found at Google + and

7 Ways to Use Group Policy to Make Windows More Secure
Fun with Group Policy! (Disclaimer: Don't try this at home. These tips are for trained professionals only.)
SharePoint 2010: Features, System Requirements Emerge
No more MOSS acronym, searches get faceted, IE 8.0 support but not IE 6.0--welcome to SharePoint 2010.
Forget Windows 7--What About Group Policy? 1
While everyone's off chasing after Windows 7, I'm still trying to figure out Group Policy.
Stopping Security Breaches, Power-Grid Hackers, and Malicious Insiders
Log management meets security event information management in LogRhythm's latest solution.
Active Directory Enhancements: OR What Would Elvis Do?
The top 10 Active Directory enhancements, set to an Elvis song? Oh the humanity.
Product Selection Criteria For Hard Times
What's an example of a product that meets my cynical/pragmatic criteria? Maybe there aren’t any. But The Dot Net Factory’s recent release seems ready to try.
TEC: Active Directory (And Exchange) Experts Offer Workshops
If you deal with AD and Exchange, you need all the help you can get--The Experts Conference, plus some must-have books, can make a big difference.
Security Trends: You Will Comply
Who cares about power plant security compliance? You might, someday.
Log Search Tool for Sys Admins
Putting out fires in IT? No budget for log management? You're not alone.
IT Layoffs: What, Me? What Now?
IT jobs are a lot more secure than jobs in other fields, but if you are laid off, or fear layoffs, here's some heartfelt advice.
Office 2007 Migration: Automate the Pain Away
A migration solution can do the heavy lifting so your Office move doesn't stress your staff.
Tapping Log Data
Log management helps you troubleshoot but compliance is an even better justification for getting a log-management solution.
Windows XP User Sues Microsoft 1
A lawsuit against Microsoft is hardly news, except when the plaintiff is a Windows XP user. Does downgrading from Vista cause suffering?
Twitter Tweeters Twack Twestival Today
Twitter's celebration of Tweeting happens today in hundreds of cities around the world.
Fujitsu and the Giant Magnet
With data breaches in the news, and the constant churn of companies upgrading hardware, Fujitsu's data degaussing device seems made for these interesting times.
John Savill's PowerShell Master Class

Join John Savill for the ALL NEW PowerShell Master Class!

In this master-level training course, you get 9 hours of technical training that will make you a PowerShell Master!

Thursdays, February 11th through 25th

By the end of the course, you will understanding how to create custom modules to achieve amazing results in your environment, in non-Microsoft environments and in Azure.

Topics covered will include:

* PowerShell Fundamentals
* Remote Management
* Connecting Commands and Mastering Objects
* Scripting and Custom Modules
* State Configuration
* PowerShell Workflows, Orchestrator SMA, and Azure Automation
* And much more!


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