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Cameron has written for computers and humans for many years, and is at his best when addressing one of those audiences on the subject of the other.  He often understands what he's done during his day-time life as a developer only when he writes about it for DevOps Deliveries.  While he has a better grasp on dairy goats than venture capitalists, he tries to be compassionate to the latter.

In 2017, make a focused investment in your staff

It's 2017, and IT departments don't really need training budgets, 'cause everything's already available on the 'Net.

Know them by their works

Do you believe that? I certainly see organizations that act as though they do. I recognize that many wonderful resources are only a few keystrokes away; freely-available text and video introductions to Python topics, for instance, are remarkable.

Switch to PowerShell Overdue

Move past BAT files.

Hybrid Cloud Is More Sterile Than Mules

My grandparents worked with mules. While few contemporary readers are familiar with these crosses of male donkeys and female horses, US farming in the early twentieth century included a crucial role for six million (!) of them. CAPTION: successful hybrid-based operation

Security: every month, all years

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM 2016). What's that mean for you, who have already been thinking about on-line security your entire career? Multiple offices within the US Federal government are advising the public at large about cyber-security. Three aspects that might help your own work are:

Why You Should Worry About Rare-Earth Availability

In fact, you shouldn't. Yes, rare earths are important--arguably irreplaceable--it might already be too late to arrange for many of the supplies computing will need over the next decade, and IT is rife with supply vulnerabilities specifically to rare earths. You almost certainly have bigger problems to worry about, though.

Distributed DevOps

Is DevOps in conflict with remote work?

Immediate answer: no one knows. "DevOps" and "remote work" cover so much territory, and so little of it has been measured scientifically, that the only possible conclusion is "insufficient evidence".

Un-stuck: moving past the garbage in your technical life

One of the reasons I like the metaphor of "technical debt" is because I see it causing in the datacenter the same paralysis as personal debt yields in households: people who lament for extended periods how awful it is, to the point that they miss out on the action to correct it.

Azure Master Class

Azure Master Class with John Savill
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Every organization is currently evaluating how they can utilize the public cloud, what it means, and how to actually get started. This 12 session Master Class will equip you with everything you need to understand, evaluate, deploy and maintain environments that utilize Microsoft Azure including hybrid scenarios.


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