Allen Jones


Allen Jones is an independent author living in Seattle. He is an MCSE+Internet, an MCT, a CCNA, a CISSP and the author of several books, including Migrating to Win2K (Sybex).

Arrest Suspect Clients with Windows 2003’s New Quarantine Feature
Don’t let your network’s remote Access Points fall victim to new viruses and other intruders’ attacks. Use Windows 2003’s Network Access Quarantine Control feature.
Take Advantage of the EventCombMT Utility 2
The EventCombMT utility takes the effort out of monitoring your event logs.
Securing 802.11 Wireless Networks 2
Learn how to set up a simple wireless network, then add security through Routing and Remote Access and PPTP or IPSec.
Monitoring Encrypted Traffic
Use Network Monitor to troubleshoot your VPN gateway.
The New WLBS
Learn how to configure NLB in your IIS 6.0 and IIS 5.0 Web farms.
Installing NLB on a Dual-NIC System 14
You know how to install NLB on a single-NIC machine. Now, find out how to configure load balancing on your dual-NIC systems.
A Special Note for Switched Environments
Discover a known bug in using WLBS in switched environments.
Load Balancing Down on the Web Farm 4
WLBS’s clustering technology helps you provide fault-tolerant Web services on your IIS 4.0 machines.
We Need Your Feedback 82
Your answers to a few questions will help us produce a more informative and useful IIS Administrator UPDATE newsletter.
Web-Enabling Applications
The release of SOAP 2.0 sparks questions about what role IIS will play in the XML space.
Microsoft Warns of Serious Security Hole in IIS 5.0
Last week, Microsoft warned server administrators about a serious vulnerability in IIS 5.0.
Use WebDAV to Share Files
Allen Jones tells you about the Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) service, otherwise known as WebDAV.
New Toys from Microsoft
Allen Jones talks about the new toys that have come out of Redmond during the past few months.
Keeping Up with IIS - 10 Apr 2001
Microsoft releases a patch for the erroneous VeriSign certificates and offers a Web track at Tech Ed 2001.
Timesaving Utilities Used in a New Way
Allen Jones tells you how to save time when working with IIS or Proxy Server log files.
John Savill's PowerShell Master Class

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