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Alex K. Angelopoulos ( is an IT consultant, an MCSE, and a contributing editor for Windows IT Pro. As an avid scripter, he regularly writes about administrative automation using WSH, PowerShell, and related technologies.

Solving PowerShell Argument Input Errors with Wrapper Scripts
Passing arguments that need quotes around them into PowerShell scripts isn't always straightforward, but these solutions will help you achieve drag-and-drop simplicity.
Retrieve Information from Open Browsing Sessions
If you need to retrieve information from an open Internet Explorer (IE) browsing session, try Get-IEUrl.ps1. With this PowerShell script, you can get and save web pages' URLs, titles, text, and even IE objects.
Tool Time: WinDirStat Simplifies Finding Where Your Disk Space Is Going 2
If you need to find out why a hard drive is running out of free space, try WinDirStat. This free tool provides multiple views of file-space usage.
Find Document Handlers for Specific Users
Trying to find out what application really opens a document for a user on local or remote machine? This code can help.
Tool Time: Export PDF Text with Pdftotext
If you occasionally need to export text from .pdf files to .txt files, try pdftotext. This free command-line tool automates the export process.
Tool Time: Portable Text Editing with PrimalPad 1
SAPIEN Technologies' new free text editor is a better text editor than Notepad. It has complete VBScript highlighting support and is truly portable.
How AddressBasedPrinter.vbs Works
Here's a brief look at how this VBScript script creates site-specific printer mappings.
Create Site-Specific Printer Mappings for Mobile Users 8
Providing local print services for mobile users can be problematic in small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) with multiple sites. Here's a solution that automatically determines which site a mobile user is in, then maps the appropriate printers at that site.
4 Ways to Help PowerShell Find External Tools
Learn how to help PowerShell locate external tools, saving time and keeping you organized.
Whip Script Data Into Shape
Two simple functions let WSH scripts export dictionary data to an XML file and read it back with no extra work.
Customize the Size of Taskbar-Button Groups 2
In Windows Vista and Windows XP, taskbar buttons from the same application are grouped. However, you have no control over when grouping starts or ends. Here's how you can gain control and have the taskbar buttons group when you want them to.
Use Cmd.exe's Start Command to Simplify Setup Automation 3
Use the Start command and a batch file to simplify small-scale software deployment, prevent accidental omissions, and significantly reduce contact time.
Clean Up Your Shortcut Names
If you want to change the verbose names Windows automatically uses for new shortcuts, you can modify a registry setting to make new shortcut names cleaner and use a simple script to clean up existing shortcut names.
Use Batch Files to Automate Application Installation
You can chain together most modern software applications by using simple installer paths in a batch file;and by adding command-line options documented by other system administrators, you can often completely automate the installation.
How to Significantly Speed Up Tasks That Involve Querying Computers
A network query to an inaccessible remote machine can take up to a minute to time out on its own. You can eliminate this wasted time with a simple PowerShell script.

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