Alan Sugano


Alan Sugano is the president of ADS Consulting Group, which specializes in virtualization, networking, custom programming, Microsoft .NET Web development, and SQL Server development. He's the author of The Real-World Network Troubleshooting Manual (Charles River Media).

Leveraging VMware's Technology 

Join Alan Sugano, President of ADS Consulting Group, as he explores how you can leverage VMware’s technology. Alan will present three technical sessions on three VMware topic areas that are relevant to any IT department currently running or considering migrating to a virtualized infrastructure using VMware and ESXi.

Top 10 vSphere Performance Tips 1
Based on numerous VMware vSphere ESXi installations, Alan Sugano has developed a top 10 list of tips that an ESXi administrator can use to increase the performance of virtual machines.
Review: Veeam Backup and Replication 6.0
This virtualization-specific backup solution works every time with no fuss.
Navigate VMware Licensing
Learn how best to manage the licensing changes in the most recent version of vSphere . . . then enjoy some great new features!
Windows Server 2008 R2 Firewall Security
Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008 are the first versions of Windows Server in which you can successfully keep your firewall enabled and still have the server work in a production environment. The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in is key to this capability.
VMware’s Virtualization Security - 19 Jul 2011
Server virtualization has many benefits, but it also poses huge security risks. Learn how to secure VMware ESX hosts in a virtualized environment.
VMware ESX Disk Configuration Options 1
Options to consider in VMware virtual machine (VM) disk configuration include raw device mapping, thin versus thick provisioning, IDE versus SCSI, DAS versus SAN storage, persistent versus nonpersistent independent disks, and storage group block size.
VMware’s Virtualization Security - 01 May 2011 1
Server virtualization has many benefits, but it also poses huge security risks. Learn how to secure VMware ESX hosts in a virtualized environment.
Are Your SSL Certificates Secure?
Follow these steps to determine key lengths of your current certificates and find out about infrastructure concerns when upgrading from certificates with 1,024-bit key lengths to 2,048-bit key lengths.
Hyper-V Migration Pitfalls 1
Learn about Hyper-V's pitfalls before making the move.
8 Points to Consider Before You Implement SharePoint 1
There's a lot to consider if you want to implement SharePoint platform that's optimized for your organization. Taking the time to address eight considerations will help you implement a SharePoint platform that performs well and is easily scalable.
Recover Your Exchange Server 2007 Environment in 16 Steps 5
Has your Exchange system crashed? Here are the step-by-step instructions you need for recovering that system—from beginning to end.
SCVMM and ESX Server Integration
SCVMM 2008 relies on vCenter for ESX Server integration.
A Guide to Windows Disaster Recovery and Backup
This eBook offers tips for developing a disaster recovery plan, looks at available tools for disaster recovery and system backup, and answers questions specific to recovery and backup concerns.
Exchange Storage Ins and Outs - 17 Dec 2008
This ebook explains the differences among different storage types and which solution is best for a particular situation. You’ll learn about SCSI, serial ATA (SATA), SAS, Network Attached Storage (NAS), iSCSI, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and more.
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