Join Exchange MVP Paul Robichaux and AppAssure Software to learn how you can leverage virtualization to create business continuity for Microsoft Exchange.

In this 30-minute podcast, Paul talks about common Exchange recovery challenges and how virtualization, both of your infrastructure and of your Exchange services, can help meet those challenges. You may face one or more of the challenges Paul talks about:

- The last Exchange recovery took over 8 hours due to corruption and email was down for the entire company
- In our last outage we lost 6 hours of email data, which cost our company thousands of dollars
- We don't have a disaster recovery plan because it is too complicated and expensive

Paul talks about existing solutions to these challenges: replication over a WAN and Exchange clustering. But each of these solutions, he says, have their niche applications and their problems. The problems, he notes, can be summed up in two words: expensive and complex.

In this podcast, Paul talks about a solution that uses leading edge technology to mitigate these challenges: continuous application virtualization. Continuous application virtualization creates a stateful virtual machine - a copy of the application server that is an always-ready, mirror image of your Exchange environment.

Download the podcast to learn how continuous application virtualization can work for you.