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Are you considering moving your data center to the Cloud? This session summarizes the items you need to consider to ensure a successful migration. It covers the Internet Connection, WAN redundancy, firewall throughput, server siloing, IP sub netting, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), printers, terminal server, DHCP, public servers and performance. Any data center migration to the Cloud is a MAJOR IT Infrastructure redesign and can quickly go sideways without a lot planning and preparation. Often the cutover to the Cloud must happen quickly, so make sure you have the proper plan in place for a smooth migration.

This webcast features a real world example to illustrate how such a feat can be achieved both quickly and smoothly. Hess Corporation recently moved part of its infrastructure to the cloud, to prepare for a business divestiture. Relying on consultation from enterprise cloud solution provider Nimbo, the migration was completed securely, in about half the time it would have taken in an on-premises environment.

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Alan Sugano is the president of ADS Consulting Group, which specializes in virtualization, networking, custom programming, Microsoft .NET Web development, and SQL Server development. He's the author of The Real-World Network Troubleshooting Manual (Charles River Media).

Taylor Bird is a technical architect with over 15 years designing and implementing enterprise technology solutions. With varying backgrounds in Enterprise software development, Global Datacenter Operations, and DevOps Automation Practices, Taylor brings a breadth of experience to designing high performing cloud computing architectures. Taylor has worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies and clients, merging cutting edge technology with an understanding of challenge and solutions for Enterprise computing.