You can use the following information to become well versed in Microsoft Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI). I've ranked the references in order of technical detail.

ADSI References
Support WebCast: Managing Microsoft Internet Information Server Using ADSI 2.5 ( esks/webcasts/wc072000/wcblurb072000.asp)—This WebCast is a good introduction to ADSI and what it can do. Microsoft's WebCasts are generally excellent, free, and informative.

Hands-on ADSI
"Working with ADSI - Part I: Understanding the IIsComputer Administration Object" ( adsi1.asp)

"Working with ADSI - Part II: Understanding the IIsWebService and IIsFTPService Administration Objects" (

"Using ADSI, NT Groups and IIS Authentication" (http://www

Microsoft's ADSI page ( howitworks/activedirectory/adsilinks.asp) —This page contains links, references, the latest version of ADSI, and more.

ADSI start page on Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) ( url=/library/psdk/adsi/adsistartpage_7wrp.htm&rld=407)—This site includes references and a tutorial.

Books About ADSI
Steven Hahn, ADSI ASP Programmer's Reference, Wrox Press, 1998 ( 186100169x)

Simon Robinson, Professional ADSI Programming, Wrox Press, 1999 ( 1861002262)